Instructions for buying an activity

 Buying an activity on Aerodis Club Flight is very simple, just follow the following steps:

1.- Enter the date when you want to carry out the activity

2.- Select the activity you want

3.- Select the duration of the flight

4.- Select the place where you want to carry out the activity

5.- Select the number of people who are going to make the flight

6.- Click to add to cart

7.- Click on "Go to Checkout"

8.- Create an account or log in if you have already created it

9.- Accept the conditions of the service and click on "Go to the box"

10.- Select the payment method


If you have any doubts call us and we will help you in what you need

Tel. 609 617 951

Frequent questions

1.- How much time limit do I have to carry out an activity?

Once a partner has purchased an activity there is no time limit to do it, you can do it on the date that the partner best suits you.

2.- Can the club defer an activity?

These flights are subject to weather conditions, airport regulations, aircraft performance, air navigation regulations and periodic maintenance, so to ensure safety, they may be restricted or deferred by the aircraft pilot according to the causes previously Exposed, postponing the date of completion.

3.- Can I cancel an order?

Unfortunately you can't cancel an order once has been processed, if for any reason you decide not to carry out the activity you can assign or endorse another person to do it.

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